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    This certainly caught my eye. I would think the Sprint version would have it too. Going on historical timelines the first Garnet EVDO Treo came out 9 months after Sprint officially announced the then new EVDO network. Now the 755 p is coming out 9 months after Sprint officially announced the Rev A network so it would be logical.

    This would also be interesting because there's this recycled rumor going all over the phone related forums that Rev A is capable of voice and data simultaneously a la HSDPA. I haven't found any evidence to support this on Qualcomm's site other than VOIP which is different than packet based voice and data. This will be interesting.
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    I was going to make a sarcastic comment saying you have not looked good enough, but after some googling it appears you are right. EVDO Rev A is just a speed and QoS enhancement, and the simultaneous voice and data is meant to be achieved by carrier VOIP, which is something which will have to be rolled out separately.

    This implies 2 things:
    1) There is no barrier to a Garnet Treo getting Rev A.
    2) One of the main advantages of Rev A. wont be available on the self-same Treo, but will be available on a HSDPA Treo, e.g. surfing the web making a booking while on a phone call, or tethering your laptop while still being able to conduct conversations.

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    I always thought only 1xEvDV was capable of simutaneous voice + data, thus the above description would be right. Besides the current incarnation of Garnet cannot do simulcast voice+data anyway and is the main reason why there is no HSPDA Garnet Treo either...
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    Question: I know that the 700P is far from the perfect device, but even if the 755P does have Rev A, will the device itself truly be able to take advantage of it? Seems to me that if it has a smaller battery, a faster processor (maybe), and Rev A, will this thing fly?

    1.) I wonder how much it will be able to take advantage of the Rev A speeds. My 700P registers much slower than my 700WX on that dslreports test.

    2.) If it does have Rev A, what will the battery last, 20 minutes?

    3.) Why is the 700P bottlenecked, the processor, the OS, or the network?
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    1. Uncertain. The general concensus here has long been that the 700p reports slower speeds than the 700w/wx. I seriously doubt Rev. A will appear on the 755p but if it does it'll probably be faster than the 700p but still not as fast as a "real" Rev A device. I'd guesstimate 700w-type speeds on the 755p if it does indeed have Rev A.

    2. I think you'll see battery life comparable (or perhaps even less than) the unpatched Treo 680's.

    3. The bottleneck is definitely the OS for both network throughput and usage speeds (lag etc).

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