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    I have to clear all contacts from my Text message To box. Any advice on how to accomplish this task.
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    FileZ App
    View and Expand Files
    Check next to SMS Quicklist
    Hit Menu
    Select Edit
    Select a number
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    delete quicklist file if you wanna get rid of all them at once
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    Where do I find Filez App on the treo 650 smartphone?
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    where do i find the quick list file
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    Filez is a freeware program you need to install. Christina's post explains how to get to the file once you have Filez
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    sorry guys i have the program Filez now but cannot find Applications, maybe I downloaded the wrong program.
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    Launch the FileZ program. Then follow the tree laid out in C's post. You wont be looking for programs, you will be looking for an individual file named "SMS quicklist"
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    got it straightened out, thanks for all the help..
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    I have a 755p. If I delete the addressrecent lib and SMS quicklist, it erases the list. But as soon as I send another text, it starts another list and I have to do it over again. Is there anyway to get rid of that feature for good? I called palm and of course they have no clue.....they weren't even aware that you could erase them in the first place.

    Also, the privacy feature is OK....but if the person whom you made private calls you, their info is displayed anyway. WTF??
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