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    You know, i spoke with my corp rep from sprint, and it it, he mentioned a 755wx to launch in july or august of 07. Anyone else have more info?
    Palm's release-cycle is May/November (750w was an exception b/c of a carrier delay...)

    There are no images/fcc docs about a 755w and no insider info has ever mentioned it.

    I'm sure they are doing a 320x320/WM6 device but I think not till October will we really be privy to this device.

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    May is almost over. Still no 755w or 755wx. Shoot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scsanden View Post
    Could you please tell us more? Is this date for a Treo, PPC6800, Sprint device? Most importantly, is this a fairly solid date for the 755W. Seems like it would be a good move for Sprint or Verizon since the iPhone will be released around the same time on ATT.
    Welcome to Treocentral version of sarcasm. You will learn. But just to clear up things...there is no date as June 31st and hence there is no known date for WM6 device.
    Hope this helps.
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