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    Im just comparing plans- and went to the cingular website- and couldn't seem to find info on a 3g plan-(data plan only)

    So, which plans do you use?
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    2000 anytime minutes & unlimited data
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktm97 View Post
    2000 anytime minutes & unlimited data
    for how much, and is there any way you can get unlimited data without anytime minutes? (I don't use the PHONE at all- but I use the internet to make my relay phone calls since I am Deaf)
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    looks like this is the one that would work, but it doesnt say 3g supported or ?

    EDITED: In other words, tmobile has internet data plan, but its at grms/edge(ha), and the PDA 44.99 plan on cinguar says gsm- but no mention of 3g or the higher speed internet which is why I am asking for clarification.

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    There is no 3G plan. Data is data. If you're in a 3G area and have a 3G capable phone, then you run on that.

    If you have a PDA phone CIngular will try and tell you that you need the PDA connect plan. Many with PDA's just use the $19 or $29 Smartphone plan. There's no difference.
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    can you send me a link to the $19 and $29 plan? I want to compare. (are those also unlimited data plans?)

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