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    I'm new to smart phones. I bought a Treo 700w off of ebay. It's a really nice phone. I have one problem, when I make calls the callers can't hear me, it's as if I have the phone on mute. Does anybody know how I could fix this problem? I thank you so much in advance. I've already tried a soft reset, it still not fixed.
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    I had this problem with a new Treo 700p and with a 650. The microphone shorted out. Try doing a voice memo or something and see if it is. The only solution is to have the microphone looked at and replaced. Since it was purchased on Ebay you might not have the factory defect warranty you get when you buy it brand new. But you can try and go to your local cell phone store and see if they will take a look.
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    Had this problem occasionally with my 650 if I pulled the headphone out during a call. Oddly enough the only way i could get it to work again was to blow into the headphone jack hole. Kinda like i used to do with Nintendo cartridges.
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    Have you set your volume controls? You have to set them up for each individual situation. While the phone is not in use, you turn it up for the ringer. While on a call you turn it up for the "on call" settings. While on speakerphone, you turn it up for the speakerphone volume. A soft reset will only revert all the settings back to the default, which I think is only halfway up...

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