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  • Palm O/S all the way!

    76 55.88%
  • Windows O/S without question!

    49 36.03%
  • Neither. They both suck.

    11 8.09%
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    Just curious to see if users preferred the Palm o/s versus, the Windows o/s, or neither....

    Please vote and no more than 3 sentences on why you chose what you chose.

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    You made an official thread and there is no option to vote?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    You made an official thread and there is no option to vote?
    it took me to a separate page to fill out the poll. i thought it would be simultaneously posted....

    there ya go!
    Sprint Treo 755p (ex-650) user and loving it.
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    I am glad you have the "they both suck!" option. That 's what I picked.
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    I've used various POS and WM devices and although there are things about the POS that I like, the power, customizability, support, choice of devices, and capability FAR outweigh that of the Palm OS.
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    My thoughts exactly gadgetluva
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    WM all the way - huge device choice, huge power, limitless possibilities.

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    I chose Door Number 3 (The Suck Department) because it most accurately reflected my opinion. I own both flavors. They both have benefits. They both have detriments. I would have selected Door Number 4 ("I'm agnostic, whatever gets the job done with minimum brain damage") had the option been there.
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    I've been on the Palm OS for the better part of a decade, but recently purchased a Motorola Q on ebay. I had tried out various Windows flavored devices (back to PPC days) and most recently a relative's Treo 700W. I just couldn't get myself to like them, especially with the start menu on the phone.

    But the more limited Smartphone edition is a lot more palatable, especially with the form factor of the Q. I definitely think it's a keeper. But I'll give myself a few weeks on it then see if I'm missing anything from my Treo.
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    I just love the simplicity of the palm os phone app.
    I don't believe in hitting a soft key to get to a menu to choose speakerphone, etc. as being user friendly.
    I used to be a complex guy, but now I like simple things, so its POS (could actually stand for both sytems) for me.
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    I dont understand what people have against the start menu. Its two keys to launch your 7 favorite programs. Start,I is internet explorer, start c is calender, start M is media player, start P gets you to all your programs etc. I dont understand the objection.

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    I have have several smartphones. Treo 600, 650, 680, Audiovox SMT5600, Cingular 2125 & 3125, Cingular 8125, Blackjack, and Nokia 6620. I have had my share of Windows phones. I am currently using a Palm 680. I guess I just got tired of that thick syrupy feeling that you sometimes get by staring at the Windows spinning "wait a minute" thingy when opening a program.

    Then there's that great benefit of "multitasking" with WM.....yeah right....right now, on my 680 with the antiquated Palm OS, I am running Chatteremail (push mail) while listening to streaming radio over the internet (pTunes), while browsing the internet....all at the same time. How much more "multitasking" can you really stand on a stupid phone!

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    once you exit out of your browser and you lose what you were doing.

    I like how people use the excuse that they can play music in the background and do something else and that's all they need to multitask LOL
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    I've had Palm devices continously since the Samsung i500 but I bought a Sprint 700wx to prepare for the "inevitable" sentence of migrating to Windows Mobile when Palm OS supposedly dies. Well after 3 weeks I gave up and went back to the much maligned 700p. The 700wx is a great device and now is in the hands of a very happy owner (my sister's first smart phone)but I'll still stick with my 700p and it's bugs. Windows Mobile had 3 weeks but it disappointed. I'm sure I could list all the disappointments and some Windows enthusiast will counter back so I won't do that. For now I'll wait for the 755p and hope for the best. Fortunately I have an interesting loophole to get any Sprint phone (Treos, PDA's included) for free even in contract so I have nothing to lose.
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    I think it's all about what you want in a phone. Everyone's different.

    For me, Palm OS is a better Phone/PDA.

    3 most important things for me in a "smartphone" or a phone with a keyboard:

    1) Ease of use
    2) Simplicity
    3) Speed

    Someone who likes WM probably has the list like so:

    1) Powerful
    2) Complex (like a computer)
    3) More advanced hardware and features.

    That brings me to another point, I know the Cingular 8525's Picture/Video App doesn't have stored thumbnails of pictures like Palm OS does. So every time you go in there trying to find a picture, you have to wait about a week! Ok, being sarcastic, but you'd wait for a LONG time.

    Anyway, simpler people who want other stuff in their life other than cell phones 24/7 would probably like PALM OS, and the people who have more time to spend on phones, or who likes the best technology, best MP camera, best hardware, and don't mind fiddling with the OS a little before every task, then WM is definetly better.

    It's basically speed, simplicity, efficiency VS better features, more powerful.

    I just want to be able to think about something, then immediately go to my Treo 650 and move that THOUGHT to the appropriate place on my phone, all without blinking. Then later pull up that thought, with the same speed and efficiency.

    Multitasking is something to be missed though, it is really convenient at times, but circumstances where I need to multitask past listening music and email at the same time, is RARE. Again, it's because I'm not on my phone 24/7. I use the phone for PDA and a Phone, rarely camera and sometimes for music.

    I'm going to take mbranscum 's comment and add to it: How often do you multitask past listening to music and doing email? If ALOT, then you need WM, if not, then WM simply doesn't do anything extra for you in terms of the "Multitasking".
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    Give me wifi support and built in GPS while eliminating the darn lag between apps and I am forever a Palm fan (have been for 4+ yrs) for the simplistic use! I have a laptop, so having a true computer isnt too far from reach. I admire some of the capabilities of WM, but Palm still gets the job done!
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    Hey, many of you wrote more than 3 sentences.

    I love Palm OS for its simple, BUT hate it for lack of UMTS/HSDPA, unicode, and wifi. I like Windows CE OS for UMTS/HSDPA, and unicode, also HATE it for complicated, insufficience applications, M$ bluetooth stack. Hence, my pick is #3.
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    palm os for its simplicity and speed.
    awesome useability

    i went from HS visor-->HS treo 600-->Palm treo 650--->Samsung ip-830w--->back to treo 650--->treo 700p

    WM5 is cool but not usable as a mission critical mobile device. I need to use while dtiving and WM5 was too complicated and not one handed enough for that.

    My opinion
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    I voted for the Palm OS even though I currently use a WM device (700wx). I've been using a POS device since the original Palm Organizer (later upgraded to a Palm V that I used till I got a 650). The only reason I had a 700wx is that it works better with our encryption software than the 650. As mentioned by someone else I really prefer the simplicity and ease of use that's built into the POS even though I wish it had some of the features of WM.
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    surprising that more people are voting for WM5 than POS.
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