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  • October 07

    5 16.67%
  • November 07

    8 26.67%
  • December 07

    17 56.67%
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    The poll needs to be amended to give a release date later than 12/07.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    What I gather from the latest 3rd quarter financial report are these:

    * Palm will make future Treo hardware that can install wm6 and pos5 easily.

    * I have heard too many times that a new product coming. We should see a (bigger) device that has radio build-in from Palm this year.

    * Access Linux Platform is probably not going to happen on the future Treo

    * I wouldn't be surprised if Palm develop their own in house garnetOS emulator that will run on top of windows mobile in the future.

    * There is no way Palm will make their own Linux platform. They may license it from ALP or Trolltech. Or they won't do it at all.
    Win mobile is a no go for me. Exclusive use would make the Palm no better then the dozens of other Win Mobile phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    The poll needs to be amended to give a release date later than 12/07.
    Also the choice never in the event Palm is sold off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Hair View Post
    Does it have built-in GPS?
    What about a antenna? I've got to have one of those!
    And 32 GB of memory.
    And a death laser.

    And I have to be able to dunk it in milk.

    How soon we forget.....all this is old news:

    See message 34
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    I really hope that what ever the new device is will have the camera optional!! A lot of places does not allow devices with camera in there building.

    Is a webcam and a camera the same thing? When a business bands camera are webcams included?

    The must have on my next device are:
    1. Windows device
    2. Functional bluetooth
    3. WiFi
    4. At least 60g HD. (love to have 100g HD)
    5. At least 5in viewing area.

    This device will be my complete entertainment (Music, Movies, eBooks) and full internet access device.
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    I want Jack Naylor's Post 34 Treo. Please install TreoMassage before delivering it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827 View Post

    Is this not the IDEA behind the Foleo a folding phone? looks like Samsung just got a patent on it.
    Amusing. Well, maybe they'll get it on a technicality. After all, this would hardly be the first double hinged device. I can think of two right off the top of my head... HP had an old Geo handheld which cuold be used either in normal aspect (like the usual palmtops of the time) or completely folded back and used as a tablet. HP also had several calculators (I still use my 28S) that had a similar hinge -- it had keyboards on both sides but display on only one. So maybe they get points for multiple displays, but the hinging is really nothing to get that excited about. well, maybe for a cell/pda it is... but still....
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