Hi All, Sorry for re-hashing old stuff but I just can't get over this. I understand that the Treo and Goodlink Server are doing what they are supposed too. None the less, I want the option of keeping nothing, (yes I mean nothing) on the Exchange Server. Moving to another folder defetes this purpose.

I just got moved off of a BB after about 1 year of use. My company has both BES Servers and Goodlink Servers. Using the BB I could have all of my email transferred to my BB and to my PST (when the client was turned on), and keep nothing on the Exchange server, and still have the email that I wanted on the BB as well as in my PST. My PST becomes my Archive (which BTW gets backed up regularly in case of a client crash), and the BB automatically removes email at 30 days, if I haven't already done it. If I read a message on the BB the same message would be marked as read in the outlook client so I knew what was going on on both machines. If I accidentally removed an email I needed I could always get it from my PST if need be. Deleted Items folder doesn't support the needs to keep *nothing* on the server. And don't forget about Deleted Items retension which is another probelm, if I need to keep nothing on the server. I just can't believe that this option does not exist out of the box in the Treo world.

Why in the heck is there no option (even to be set / controlled by the Goodlink Admin) to be able to do this is if I want to? There are a number of contractual and security reasons why this should be an option for business email. Am I really going to have to go back to the BB to be able to do this?!?

It just isn't right!