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    I've used almost every single Palm OS device (handheld - starting with the Pilot1000) and converged device made (starting with a Kyocera 6035, then a Treo300, then 600, then 650) and I will say that the 240 x 240 on the 700wx makes no difference to me. And I watch tons of movies on my wx, so it's not like I'm not using the thing for multi-media. Screen looks fine to me. I've looked at the 700p, and it just seems so - archaic to me, is the best way I can say it. The PIM apps on WM just seem so much more polished, and that was quite a surprising realization I had.

    So - bottom line - don't listen to anyone on these forums, including me. Try them both and make your own decision. That's the way you'll make the best choice. Only you know what you want.
    I agree about how dated the Palm OS looks. It's just so...simple looking and not very aesthetically pleasing to me (of course, other opinions will vary).

    But your latter point is 100% agreed.
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    Mac user here. Nuff said! I love my 700p.
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