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    Hi, I have been reading this form on and off for about a year or so now, and have spent the last 3 days searching for a new push mail solution. I have a 650 from Sprint and have been using Chatter as my mail client. I have also been using fastmail, for imap to forward a couple of email accounts (including gmail) to my phone. Now I have a couple of questions;

    1) I though using imap, when I delete an email from my device, it would sync back to fastmail and delete it there also. Am I mistaken or is this how it's supposed to work?
    2) I have been reading about the exchange hosts and using them for push. I have also read that it is also possible to sync some if not all pim data on wm and some newer pos devices (680 & 700) Is there any such solution for the 650? Ideally this would allow me to stick with Chatter for mail, and wirelessly sync contacts, calender at least.

    Sorry for the long post. And thanks in advance for your suggestions
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    Doesn't Chatteremail have an exchange plug in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbranscum View Post
    Doesn't Chatteremail have an exchange plug in?
    Yes it does, but does it sync PIM data too, or just allow exchange mail sync? I beleive it just allows exchange mail access but I could be mistaken.

    Just to clarify, my exchange questions were, 1) is there a way to sync pim data with a treo 650, and 2) I am also asking for suggestions/ personal insights for a web based exchange host (i.e. mail2web etc.) I know m2w has been having some issues lately, so any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks again.
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    I'm still trying to learn about this stuff. Whats PIM?
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiffer View Post
    I'm still trying to learn about this stuff. Whats PIM?
    Personal information manager. Contacts appts. etc...
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    ok, so I've been continuing my search, and so far have found my options to be Blackberry connect, and Activesync. Both seem to work on the 650. Anyonehere have any experience, suggestions regading either of these or any other suggestions for programs I might have missed?
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    When I had a 650 I used Versamail 3.5 to do over the air sync to my Exchange Server. I think the only things it didn't sync were Tasks. Notes don't sync anyway. I did 'pull' email (or as I like to say, 'suck' email) rather than push email. I had used Chatter and liked it, but really wanted the PIM sync.

    I solved this problem by getting a 700wx.
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    Thanks Tastypeppers, I guess I just ignored versa based on how I disliked the installed version, and did't realize that it now does calander and contacts ota. I currently have chatter and don't mind using 2 programs for email & pim but having it all pushed (like bb) would be a nice extra. As for going to 700wx, I am still almost a year a way from my full price sprint rebate. and $575 is a bit much for the nice extra toys.

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