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    As has been mentioned by many, the current upgrade path for Treo 650 users on the GSM side who like Palm OS is not very clear. The 680 just isn't enough to really upgrade to, and I don't like Windows Mobile. I thought about the blackberry's but they don't do 3G either.

    So this is what I think palm needs to do to make a reasonable upgrade path for the GSM Palm OS Treo users:

    Form Factor:
    Needs to be about 3/4 the thickness of the Treo 680 with no antenna stub. I personally would like them to drop the dedicated app/function keys and five way toggle in favor of a larger screen (320x480?) and virtual touch keys. Still need to leave the dedicated phone keys, it's a phone, you still need those.

    * Updated Palm OS (that supports 3G) or Access Platform that support palm os apps and 3G
    * GSM 3G speed internet, must
    * BlueTooth 2.0, with voice dial support!
    * 2MP Digital Camera
    * SDHC Card Slot (mini SD would be alright, but would prefer full SD slot)
    * 320x320 screen (though as mentioned above 320x480 would be better)
    * Decent Battery ( I know that's hard, but just keep battery life on par with the current 650)
    * 128MB RAM Free for the user storage (Just my programs and settings, music/videos go on the SDHC)

    I think those improvements over the 650 would be perfect if it happened within the next year. Beyond that and even these specs will start looking old. All the above is doable hardware wise for a price in the $600-700 (unlocked GSM) easily. Software might be a bigger issue, but it needs to be done.

    Right now I'm sticking it out with the 650 till I guess the end of this year (or when ever the above requirements are met). I have no clue what I'll be going to, thought the BlackJack is a very tempting device if it wasn't for the Windows Mobile.

    Oh well, just me dreaming...
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    Here's my (realistic) wishlist, keeping in mind the limitations of FrankenGarnet and of Palm's R&D budget:

    -320x480 screen
    -No external antenna
    -3.5mm stereo headphone jack
    -Decent battery (think 1600mAh+ capacity in 680/750 battery physical size)
    -SDHC fullsize slot with support for 8gb+ cards
    -BT 1.2 or 2.0 w/ native voice dialing at least as good as my Moto KRZR. BT *MUST* be stable.

    Nice but not critical items would be:
    -Internal storage volume ala Tungsten T5 (1 or 2gb)
    -A2DP (not required if there's a real stereo headphone jack)
    -Improved 1.3mp camera and/or 2mp camera with flash or autofocus would be nice but not critical

    I don't care at all about wi-fi
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    I agree, no interest in Wi-Fi as long as it has 3G (or EVDO for the cdma crowd). Kinda redundant if you have an unlimited internet plan.

    Also, I should have said an SDHC slot (instead of just SD). That's an obvious one and again within easy technological grasp with current tech.

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