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    Ah man!

    That got me! I read it shortly after it was posted. I was getting excited about the prospect of having wifi on my Treo. I still have the 600, but I was going to immediately upgrade to get the wifi. I was also ready to email my friends that have at least a Treo 700 to let them know of the patch.

    I also thought how "genius" it was to hide the wifi capability in the battery.

    Sadly, now I'll just keep using my 600 WITHOUT wifi.

    That was a good one!

    Here's a link to the article:

    BTW, maybe it's just my computer, but the image at the link is not showing anything.

    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    The giveaway for me was the full support for all Treos. Palm has NEVER (as far as I know) ever provided updates or supports for outdated and discontinued models. Had the article only provided support for the 680, I guess I may have been fooled.
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