I'm on Sprint. I just got my 650 in February, bought it used for $100. It had quite a bit of wear and tear, but works great, and came with everything and then some.

I think we'll see another Treo near the end of the year. Considering WM6 and EvDO Rev A are now rolling out, it's a good time for Palm to make another WM Treo for Sprint and Verizon. As far as one for GSM users, I think we might see another WM Treo until next year. Apart from the screen resolution, there's really not much else they can add to the 750 that would make it worthwhile to develop a new device. Unless for some sick, twisted reason, they wanted to catch up with the rest of the market and add BT 2.0, wifi, and a better camera. But I don't think we'll see that happening.