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    I think most of us looking for great devices are stuck with sprint or verizon... I can't do att... not that great for where I live. Mogul, no... BB, no.... I want a touch screen and palm has the best device so far.... but competition is on the horizon.
    While I can understand your wanting of a innovative and good device; the aspect of your carrier choice is your barrier to innovation moreso than Palm or any other company. GSM gives you more device variety over a greater price range than CDMA. In addition, depending on your corporate needs, GSM devices and services might prove to be more flexible and easier to admin.

    Accoridng to web rumblings, there should be at least 2 other major touchscreen devices this year after the iPhone that aren't Treos on the CDMA side of things. Whether they will be up to par with the Treo isn't mine to judge, but you should know at least that something is coming.
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    it's a brick....don't let anyone else tell you differently....there are other devices that can easily take its place unless you like to watch tv on it 24/7
    Sounds nice - but which devices? I'll gladly try some out! I'm GSM only due to excessive traveling.
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