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    Hey guys... I was wonder my treo was stolen.. is there anyway for them to track it?
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    I believe Verizon and Sprint can disable it via the IMEI number, maybe even blacklist it so it can't be reactivated. As for GSM phones, I don't think it can be done. Tracking it is theoretically possible but not likely at all. It takes military-grade equipment to triangulate it and a team of CTU field personel to move in and pounce.
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    If you have Sprint or Verizon, you can call them and report your phone as stolen. They should block the ESN of the phone so it can't be reactivated. However, there's no way for them to track it as far as I know.
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    If you have CDMA with sprint at least there is one way. You can pay to activate the family locator service on your line ($10 a month) and then goto the website to view the phones position... Report it to the police. GSM and verizon there is more than likely a similar way to do this, but you'll have to research it. All devices are required to have aGPS support, the catch is how to get the carrier to retrieve the location for you since they don't seem interested in getting back stolen property.

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