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    Hello all,
    I'm contemplating what I'll uprade to from my 650 on Sprint when my 2 years are up next year (yeah, I'm researching way early, but it's fun to drool over what's next, isn't it? :-D ). I'm hoping there's a solution for this annoyance: At my work the signal is very low (or sometimes not there). I often find the whole phone pauses when it is searching for a signal. I suppose this bothers me most when playing minesweeper or solitaire, where I can see exactly how long those pauses are (and the mine I meant to mark doesn't get the mark signal and blows up). Sure, this is a non-critical application, and this is not my only consideration for my next device, but it's now the biggest issue I have that I haven't found an answer to.

    So, I would assume that the big factors in this issue would be with the OS (how multitasking is handled - or not) and with the network type (CDMA, GSM, or their many variants). My current bias is to try a Cingular 750 because of the simultaneous voice and data capability, so I'm particularly curious about your experience if you have that combination with low- or no-signal issues.

    Thank you for indulging my curiosity.
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    Actually, if you reflash your 650 to the original firmware (1.08, I think), it did not pause in weak signal & carrier switching situations. Of course, you'd have to live with some various other problems. What a dilemma!

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    I never imagined that it wasn't a problem in the past... interesting. I don't think I'll try the downgrade though... the potential for other issues is unattractive.

    Anyway, my focus for this question is on my next phone, but thanks for the suggestion.
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    You're asking the question too early. If you're going to wait until next year, then by that time, new technology should be out, and whatever you're looking at now will probably be obselete or not worth spending money on.. Now if you're thinking about upgrading right now, then it would be ideal to look at other devices.

    Personally, I don't think it's necessarily a 650 issue, I think a lot of phones perform poorly when working with very low signals.
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    I do understand what you're saying about asking the question too early... I've just hit the stage of drooling over my prospective next phone too early and can't help myself. I should probably also note that I upgraded to my 650 just a couple of months before the 700p came out, so in a year I might be looking to buy a phone that has matured a bit, in which case examining today's phones might be appropriate.

    In any case, it appears that I've asked the wrong question. I do know lots of phones behave poorly in a low signal area. I also admit that my 650 is the phone I've most relied upon in these conditions. When I have a low signal, I regularly see the phone pause (no input accepted, no screen updates) for 5 to 15 seconds.

    Therefore, I can't help but to wonder... Do GSM 650s exhibit the same behavior? How about the WM Treos? I wonder if these differences in OS or network type might result in a change in this behavior. I don't necessarily expect an improvement in this area, but I'm curious if there's better performance out there now.

    I guess you could say I've entered my own sort of "still-in-contract PPR"...?
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    I'd love to see this problem fixed, too. In firmware upgrades for both the 650 and 700p.

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