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    So Windows Mobile 6 is coming to the Treo 750 as a downloadable upgrade. Very cool. I'm no fan of Windows, but at least users of WM Treos don't have to buy a new device to get the latest version of the WM operating system. Probably won't be too long before the other WM Treos get the chance to update as well.

    Kinda leaves us FrankenGarnett users out in the cold. We've been there before, but it sure would engender some good will among us loyal Palm OS users if we got an upgrade that was downloadable and didn't require the purchase of an entirely new device. Does anybody think we'll see something line this? A downloadable update for Palm Treos? This may well be comparing apples to oranges, and Palm might not even be thinking about an update to the current Palm OS, but a fella can dream, can't he?
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    palm is not too keen on palm os updates for old gadgets owned by faithfull users, so all you can hope for is a newer palm treo with a newer os.
    you might have noticed, forum members have been creating their own updates and that's the way it will remain. its a good thing that we have very capable friends finding out ways of manipulating the rom to make the most of what our treos could be capable of doing.
    we have become independant of palm, when it comes to support. we support ourselves.
    i am happy with a 8gb strong treo 650 for the moment.
    thanks treocentral
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    Unlikely there will be any more Palm OS updates as there is no way to make the Palm OS work with 3G networks. Many threads on this topic in the Future Treos section.
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    PalmOS5 (GarnetOS) has achieved perfection, that's why there is no any future upgrade of the OS. You can not improved upon perfection. You can only keep adding 9s to the end of the versions, for example, from PalmOS 5.99 to PalmOS 5.9999
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    I don't know if I'd call Garnet perfection, but it's the most stable OS I've ever had the pleasure to use on a Treo. I was just musing that when the Next Great Thing™ is released for Treos it would be nice if we could simply download it to our current models and have a Linux Treo or whatever it turns out to be. Heck, maybe they'll surprise us and release Cobalt for Palm Treos as a free upgrade. And immediatley after that blue monkeys will come shooting out of my ****. Part of it is a nice dream, part is a nightmare. I'll leave it to all of you to decide which is which.

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