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    I do. I have my contacts, calendar, and tasks synced up with mail2web. I poll every hour for my personal (Gmail) messages because I don't need to be connected at all times with it. Work requires a Blackberry for syncing up with the data, and I don't care for Blackberrys, nor do I want to be tied to my email 24/7.

    The reason I'm even using an exchange server is because I use a Treo 750 during the work week because I find it to be the best device overall, but the size is a bit thick for weekend use, so I use a Blackjack on the weekends. Continuous syncing of my PIM info means that if I add something on one device, it'll be on the other without having to dock both. Very convenient.
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    my favorite part about 4smartphone push is the pim stuff. i am always adding and changing contact info. i dont know how i would do it the old school way. calendar stuff, the same thing. pim push is a time/ life saver.
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    I have hosted exchange with, which means my laptop, desktop and PDA are all constantly in sync. Exchange Activesync is much more reliable than normal Activesync. I just wished it synced files also.

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    other options might be the website, and the software where the software will allow you to run it yourself.
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    I use for my exchange server. I've been using them for about 9 months or so and am impressed with the functionality of Exchange. At any given time my Outlook, OWA, and Treo are in constant sync.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    I have been researhing wanting to do this for like a week now. Does anybody know of a solution for a sprin t650? Is it possible Besideds BBC what other software is available? And what suggestins do you have for a hosting co. I like some of the features of m2w, but i know they've had some problems recently.

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