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    I have been trying and trying to get my mp3 files to save as ringtones and it is not working. They just keep saving onto Ptunes HOW DO I CHANGE THIS?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    I need to know how to set an mp3 that saved onto ptunes as a ringer...
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    You can't use an mp3 as a ringtone, using the built in software. You'll either need to purchase something like mRing or Ringo Pro, or convert the files to AAC and upload them. There's instructions on how to do this at .
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    Store the mp3's on your SD card in an /AUDIO folder and use freeware Minitones to incorporate all (or preferably part to save space) into your ringtone library.
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    Minitones rocks, or raps, or disco's, or whatever you prefer.
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    Just search for minitones in software. It is free and works great.

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