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    A while back I saw some coverage of the efforts to run Linux on a Treo 650. I wasn't sure how far those efforts got.

    What I'm wondering is this: would it be possible to take a 750, replace the contents of the ROM (go from Windows Mobile to ALP), and enable support for 320x320 (replacing any needed hardware components for the added screen resolution)? It would seem that even though ALP may not specifically include support for 320x320, it should be possible to start from 320x480 and cut the difference...

    And especially if screen components would need replacing for the higher res, I'd also opt to replace the keyboard with one from a 680.

    In essence, the goal would be to create a 3G more-or-less-Palm OS Treo. At least, all this seems feasible from the nice comfy armchair. Can anyone speak to the feasibility from a more hands-on level?
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    Anything is possible given enough time, effort and funds. That said, will you see this done? 5% chance, maybe...

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