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    Hey all,

    I would like to introduce myself to the forum and also ask a question:

    I should be getting my new Sprint Treo 700wx today via FedEX. I am psyched.

    I am also worried - this will be the most expensive phone I have ever owned. I would hate to have to pay out of pocket to replace it if it were stolen or broken.

    The insurance from Sprint is $7 a month and has a $50 deductible - total cost over two years (assuming I lose/break the phone) comes out to be $218 and there is a possibility I would get a refurbished phone. Not to mention all the problems I have read about with cell phone insurance (offered thru the provider.)

    Are there any third party insurers I can look into? I seem to recall finding one or two but am unable to locate these now.

    BTW, I checked with State Farm, whom I have a renter's policy thru, and they *used* to offer a special rider for cell phones with no deductible and just $40 or so a month but they discontinued this a while back. Bummer.

    Thanks for any info!
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    Another thing to think of is repairs for your wx. I had a bad one that I brought into a Sprint store. They said since I had insurance, they would just give me another one at no charge.
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    The $7 covers repairs (which is usually a refrub replacement) and Loss/Damage which then has the $50 deductible with (most likely) a refurb replacement.

    Most homeowners policies just cover loss/damage with a deductible -- not the repair part. So your decision is the same as with all insurance -- if you need to use it -- it was a great value --- if you got thru 2 years without needing it -- it wasn't a great value.

    For me, the peace of mind is worth one lunch not out of the office a month. Lost/damaged -- it costs you $50 to replace ---- not $650. If it needs warranty work, you walk into the Sprint store and walk out 15 minutes later with a working unit and do not have to deal with shipping back and forth to Palm. (If it is still in Palm's warranty period.)

    Everyone has their own threshhold of pain.

    Cheers, Perry.

    As well, I had my Palm PDAs covered under an "all peril" clause on my homeowners policy for $5 a year, until they stopped covering them. You could check around -- but I think most carriers have stopped the practice of covering them. . . .
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    When mine was stolen I was glad for two things.
    1- I had remotePROTECT on it. I locked it and then wiped it and the card remotely from my wife's cell phone.
    2- I had the optional insurance.

    Once in a while I lose things like this or break them. The insurance is just
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    I have assurion for verizon and never had a problem.
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    I know that a lot of people don't like insurance for various reasons. I didn't use to care for it, but after you lose your smartphone once, it makes you think twice. The last time I got a new phone, they offered me a 3rd party insurance coverage. The hard part was coming up with the additional $130 upfront but what sold me on it was their buy back program. They said they'd be willing to buy my phone back when I'm ready for a new one for about $135 so I figure that even if I don't use it, I get my money back and it doesn't cost me a single penny to be protected in the long run. The also set me up with a software to lock, locate, and wipe my Android device in case i ever lose it. Again, I know insurance isn't for most people, but I'm happy with the one that I got. The store had me go to if anyone is interested.

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