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    MARKET TALK can be found using N/DJMT

    11:27 (Dow Jones) Palm could unveil a deal to be taken over by Motorola (MOT)
    as soon as tomorrow, CNBC reports, citing an unnamed Palm shareholder. The
    holder says a deal with MOT makes sense, since PALM's cash flow could make the
    deal accretive immediately. Purchase price could be as high as $25/share,
    report says. Talks have heated up recently with MOT, Nokia (NOK), and two
    private equity firms still in the mix. PALM up 3.1% to $19.36. MOT down 2.3% to
    $18.38. (RC)
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    This is purely a defensive move on Motorola's part. They should be making offensive moves.

    To be honest, I thought all of this was just hype to bring out a bigger bidder; that being Google.

    This will only marginally benefit Motorola; although the Treo was the primary market that the iPhone had its sights set on (contrary to the belief of TreoCentral forum members), there is not enough product differentiation between the Q and the Treo. The main differentiation was the Good Technology push e-mail solution that catered to Palm's Treo (making up something like 70%+ of Good's business). But that is now gone having already been purchased by Motorola. There is the marginally better user interface found on the Treos but this will not be anything to advance Motorola in the market place when the iPhone arrives in a couple months.
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    This would be a poor choice for motorola, in light of their own entries into the smartphone world (Q, and another that is yet undisclosed I happen to know about). I just can't see how it makes sense to them to do something like this. They would get a huge market share right away I guess, but they already technically have that in their non smartphones. Palm's own statement even backs up the fact that they would prefer to NOT accept another makers offer over a private equity firm.
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    So you think moto will phase out the treo, and bring out a more robust Q?
    Q would be great if it had a better battery life, touch screen, easier way of exciting programs, etc.....but isn't that what we call a treo?

    I agree that is seems to be defensive more than offensive. Companies have tried and failed competing against one another to take a piece of the pie from apple with mp3 players. Moto should learn from this and maybe abandon the treo and Q models and come up with a hybrid of the two at a 300.00 price?
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    It may have been a poor choise for Moto but its awesome for the Palm users. Yeah f the Nokia noice.

    I am happy.

    BTW I am moving to a Sony Ericsson M600 so I don't think I am bias.

    People who wave the Q miss the point: Q didn't sell very well. While all variants of Treo sell decently.
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    According to this:

    Motorola had the second largest share of the smartphone market last year (behind Nokia) mostly because of their Linux phones in China. I wonder what a Moto takeover would mean for Palm's own Linux OS? Acceleration and greater resources you'd have to hope.
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    Motorola designs phone UI's the way Stalin-era Soviet architects designed apartment buildings. Palm will be a victim of the NIH syndrome and the elegance of the PalmOS will disappear. Doom, doom.

    There. I said it.

    Unrelated. The Sony Ericson P990i is utter poo. Saw it and held it yesterday. Gag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite View Post
    This would be a poor choice for motorola, in light of their own entries into the smartphone world (Q, and another that is yet undisclosed I happen to know about).

    Can you tell us if the unannounced unit is GSM or CDMA? And in your opinion, is it worth waiting for if I was in the market for a new smartphone?

    As always, your insight is greatly appreciated.
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    hey shadowmite, have you managed to find a way to hack the 680 ROM? I really want to put the 650 phone app on mine (the 680 phone app is daft).
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    I guess I can see why Moto would want to take over Palm even though there are many negatives to this acquisition. Motorola probably wants a bigger audience of corporate clients that utilize its cellular devices. I can see Moto focusing on regular cell phones while the new division that Palm will be under (or maybe it would act as a stand-alone subsidiary) would be the smartphone maker. I can see the Palm division taking over for the Q and having a full suite of WM powered devices as well as some POS devices (if Moto gives Palm one more chance) and possibly some linux treos. I also think that moto will keep the Treo brandname as it is a strong brand for businesses. I guess we will see. All i care about is seeing a more advanced WM6 treo soon
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    what sort of baffles me is, how does it help for Palm's own advisers to put a somewhat arbitrary date on the sale? I keep thinking of Motorola and Nokia sniping, like on eBay, seconds before midnight....

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