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    I got Palm Treo Newsletter today about throwing a "Treo Fiesta House Party". See the link below for more details. I'm sure none of you wear them, but I envision pocket protectors as far as the eye can and people doing Star Wars light saber reinactments with their treo's antennas. Those with the 680s and 750s would feel left out because they have no antenna to fight with

    I'm glad Palm is working so hard to come up with great ideas like this. They want us to get drunk and forget that they haven't released any large updates for their newer phones.

    I wonder if I can fashion a bottle opener where my antenna is supposed to be?
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    lol..i signed up for it...we'll see what happens
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    When I saw this, I thought that maybe they should get back to work and try to come up with a firmware update as well.
    Perhaps they're celebrating the last days of before being bought up.

    IMHO I get very little from their newsletter.
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