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    what happens to my Palm OS data if I upgrade from a verizon 650 to a 700wx?
    Does the wireless sync convert the data?
    Has anyone done this?
    Alan Mushnick
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    The best way is to Sync your 650 with Outlook then you can sync your 700wx to Outlook and get all your contacts, calendar, etc. Since its a different OS, none of your apps will transfer over.
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    Hello all,
    First of all, I have searched but have not seen this problem so far.
    My company uses Goldmine software to record all contacts and calander info. We do not use outlook for email we use Groupwise. So that in itself is an issue.
    I had a Treo 650 and had to use companion link software to link everyting together. I have gotten my 700wx and would like to somehow get my contacts over as I have over 1500.

    I cannot use outlook as groupwise and that are not speaking
    If anyone has some way I could import I would be MORE THAN GREATFUL!!!

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    There's no way to do that without Outlook that I know of. To go directly from GW to Outlook you might want to ask Danita Zanre in the Novell support forums for Groupwise ( I believe she's still a SysOp there. She also uses, or at least use to use, a 650 so she has some experience with that.

    The only thing I can think of is to export the contacts from the Palm Desktop as a CSV file (I know Desktop can do it but I don't know if GW can do it). Once they're in CSV format, use the version of Outlook that came with your 750 (you'll need to install it on some computer) to import that CSV file. Once they're in Outlook use Active Sync to bring them to your 750. The only real catch here is that I don't know if Outlook can import a CSV file.

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