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    Since Yahoo changed their wap site I can't figure out how to search the web with yahoo anymore. Am I missing something? The new layout looks alright but were in the h*ll is the search? Does anybody have a url to get to the non-wap Yahoo site?

    Google's wap site is alright but I hate how it reformats the websites for you. Guess I'll keep using Google's non-wap url for now.
  2. #2 leads to a page to allow you to select a country. USA then leads to the new Yahoo mobile search (OneSearch). You can get directly to OneSearch at

    Type in the search term and press the OneSearch Button.

    Description of the new mobile search here ->

    I'm not sure if I like it or not yet....
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    I'm at but don't see a box to enter a search term. I don't see the OneSearch button either. I've cleared my cache and cookies but still no luck. Any ideas?
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    Here's screen shots:
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    Uhhh.. Strange. It should be right under that ad in the first screen shot.

    What happens if you go to from a PC?
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    I see it on my PC. What version of blazer are you running? I'm running v4.5. Also, it doesn't show up in opera mini 3.1 either.

    This is strange!!!

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