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    -several crashes
    -crash DURING a conversation
    -crash at line pick-up
    -time sync on network connect N/A
    -cannot handle 2nd incoming calls, device freezes
    -battery drain, need to have 2 batteries
    -slow swap from screen to screen, sometime 1/5 sec. delay between key
    - Treo 650 shortcuts where much better that the actual favorites, because it demands more interaction than
    -still no SMS confirmation on receipt.
    -No auto date & Time sync with GSM/provider on network-connect
    -poor camera quality
    -poor sound quality over bluetooth earphone ( jabra High-end model)
    -still no embedded MSN messenger, Palm looses sales with the absence of it... now that verichat is out, the 2
    Other ones are below satisfaction, no alternative
    -email program very slow, many bugs on mail-sizes
    - Keys are made of lower quality compared to TREO 650
    -Very slow boot-up time compared to TREO 650
    -Hot battery swap absent!!!!
    -Cannot disable add-it, good solution for commercial purposes, why can't they use it for device updates?
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    What phone are we talking about here?
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    Sounds like if you're that dissatisfied, you should find another device. I have a Sprint 700P and 650. Although neither are perfect, I have gotten rid of almost all crashes by eliminating inferior 3rd party software.

    Bluetooth is my only complaint. It's 2007 and this device should work much better with bluetooth, either via update or original programming.

    I have tried the Q, HTC, I have a blackberry for work, and a pure cell phone - the RAZR. I still prefer my TREOs hands down to any of those devices.
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    You are right Apanter, the Treo is a great device to work with, but so UNfinished.... nearly "the Windows ME" edition of Palm... We are still in the process of working the problems out.. but not much results here... PS.. it's about the Treo 680 unlocked
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