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    I live in Arizona where we do not have DST. I applied the microsoft patch and then the treo patch. Now all my calendar events show as 1 hour later on the palm. Even those after April 1st. They are still correct in Outlook. I tried syncing with "desktop overwrites handheld". All my multiday events got messed up and every entry on the palm is still one hour late.

    The system time from network shows the correct time. But when I go to choose a timezone it defaults to Denver. I manually set it to Phoenix without the time correcting itself.

    I went to the Palm site and only found an article for the 700w that addressed the issue but the fix is to delete and re-enter every appointment. I have hundreds of events that is BS!

    Anyone have any tips to fix the problem?
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    Did you patch your computer as well? If you use an Exchange account has the Exchange server been patched?
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    I downloaded a patch from microsoft and tried to install it but it said it was already installed (assume it autoupdated). I did not install an exchange patch i thought that is for business servers do I need that for outlook on a personal machine?
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    Do you use Exchange? If so your company or provider will have needed to patch the Exchange server as well.
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    I do not use exchange
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    The times after 4/1 off as well? That's a big problem. Do the late fall dates revert to the correct time? My times were only affected during the new DST period and the times are off in Outlook as well. I got the same message when updating the PC so don't know for sure that the patch took. Sorry, not much help. Since yours are correct on Outlook you might try having the desktop overwrite the palm.
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