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    I have never owned a PDA or posted on a news group. I am planning to purchase a palm Treo 700P as the Diabetes Management software I would like to use only works on the palm OS. Not all food values are in its database. When I am out I will need internet access, as many chain restaurants only have this food value information on the Internet. Most of these sites are not mobile compatible.
    I have heard that the Treo 700wx (Windows OS) solves this problem by reformatting a normal website to work on a mobile device. But the management software I want to use doesn’t work in a windows environment.
    So far I see 2 possible solutions;
    1) I understand there are 3rd party browsers for Palm OS, such as Opera, provide easer surfing on a none mobile designed web site.
    2) There is a program called StyleTap that is supposed to make any Palm OS software run on a Windows Mobile such as the 700wx.
    If any one has tried either solution and can comment on their results, it would be appricated.
    I am open to other solutions including waiting a month or two for a new product to come out. If this has been answered in another thread please forgive and send me the link.
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    I think you can use the standard browser for the 700p and use a site called 'squeezer' to load the "non-mobile" webpages you need.

    Matter of fact, I think there was a recently updated thread (a huge one) that mentioned that site as well as others that do the same kind of thing.

    Hope you find your answer. Good luck!
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    I use the built-in web browser (Blazer) to view virtually any website out there. As long as its not eBay, Best Buy (both pic laden) or a flash-based web site, you should be able to view it. Also, take sblanter's advice and use squeezer to reduce certain busy webpages.
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    Oh. I meant to say search this site for squeezer to find that huge thread.

    Try this:
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    Blazer will format sites almost as well as Pocket IE will for the mobile screen. In fact, you'll get a better browsing experience on the 320x320 700p screen compared to the 240x240 700w(x) screen.

    There are proxies as well, that do the reformatting on the server end, of which Skweezer is an option.

    As for third party browsers, there's WebPro, Opera, Universe (which is very slow until its rendering engine is eventually rewritten), Netfront, and a few others too.
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    Ive trained for bodybuilding before so I know what you mean, and what youre looking for when you try to go to restaraunts website for the nutrition information. I have a 700P and I have no issues no matter which companies website I go to. (that is assuming they're kind enough to post it on their pages)
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    The sales people weren’t knowledgeable and I was left to fumble around trying to make the Treo work. I found info on Skweezer.Com and it looks promising. I will have to go back to the store and try it. In one of the threads I recall something about a zoom in and out control on one of the Treos. If the 700P has this feature then maybe it was my inexperience that made surfing the web so difficult. I am guessing that the manual is available for download. If so then I will read it before returning to the store. I thank you and welcome any other tidbits or advice you may be willing to pass along.

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