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    Well, at least its a private buyer who would keep the product's philosophy in tact...I hope!
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    Any thoughts about what this will do to Palm stock? It went up 1.8% today.
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    Someone appears to have finally stood up here and said, " I would like to put this old bird outta her misery..."

    Hopefully the buyer will replace the management with fresh, capable new faces and infuse some vitality into this crickety, ole' steamer.

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    Well i hope something would come good of it, i mean im thinking of purchasing the 750 in the late future but i hope something doesn't happen and all support for palm OS goes down the drain...but more then likely everything will turn out better and have nothing to worry about
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    Will the Treo 700p update patch be available by then?
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    palm has support?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    palm has support?
    Support Found for Palm
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    When Access bought Palm Source we were all expecting good things from it, but It pretty much meant the end for the Palm OS. Now if Palm gets bought, there are chances that it would be the end of the Palm Treo as we know it.

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    yeah I am not sure why nokia would want to keep the treos having palm os when they have their own os. I think whomever would buy it would phase it out to elminate the competition.
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    I think there's mounting evidence that Palm's stock is being manipulated with false rumors. Jim Cramer of CNBC fame even used Palm, and RIMM as examples of how stocks could be manipulated with false rumors to reporters. Watch the video and read the NYT article:


    Jim Cramers Guide to Market Manipulation

    Here’s how fomenting works, according to Mr. Cramer: Say a hedge fund manager is holding a short position — a bet that a stock will decline — in Research in Motion, which has just announced blockbuster quarterly earnings results. An enterprising fund manager might call several brokerage houses and either feed them bad information or order a slew of short sales. Then he or she could call up a “bozo reporter” with a fake news tip about Resarch in Motion rival Palm.
    Sound familiar?

    I wouldn't trust an unnamed, anonymous source in the Unstrung article as reliable, and it sounds like the author of the article is being used as a "bozo reporter" in Cramer's scenario...
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    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

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    Would it be fairly stupid of me to say: "While I believe in the 900P, I do not believe Palm will be sold this month -- or even this year."?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Would it be fairly stupid of me to say: "While I believe in the 900P, I do not believe Palm will be sold this month -- or even this year."?
    Eternal hope...
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    Id love to know who this "unnamed source" is.
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    Game's up, I guess. Companies like Nokia or Motorola are just looking to kill off Palm (that pesky mosquito s*r*wing up their Communicator and P9xx sales figures...).

    But one wonders about the other news with Palm hiring lots of top developers (at least three I know about, including Marc Blank of ChatterEmail) in the recent past...

    Was that only to increase their value, in anticipation of the sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    But one wonders about the other news with Palm hiring lots of top developers (at least three I know about, including ChatterEmail)
    Who are the other 2. Can you share?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj8212 View Post
    Who are the other 2. Can you share?
    I suppose there may be more high-profile recruitments, but these are what I came across:


    From MacWorld UK:
    "Palm has hired former Apple software developer Paul Mercer to help develop its future products.
    While at Apple, Mercer helped develop the Mac OS 7.0 Finder. He also founded the software firm that helped Apple develop the first version of the iPod interface.

    A report from the New York Times explains that Mercer has been working at Palm for three weeks on a "new range of products", though Palm won't comment on what these products are.

    Mercer joined Apple in 1987. Most recently he helped design Samsung's Z5 MOP3 player, a device that has only been sold in South Korea.

    “He’s the best of the best in this space,” said Paul Saffo, an adviser to Samsung and a Silicon Valley forecaster. “The guy has a knack for designing complex systems in ways that are accessible.”"


    From Mobile Opportunity...

    Palm recently hired Brodie Keast to run the whole thing (Brodie is a very senior, longtime veteran of Apple, Tivo, and a bunch of other places). Brodie reorganized marketing, some iconic Palm veterans have left (including Rob Haitani*), and Brodie has brought in some new people. There hasn't been a peep about any of that on the New York Times, or any blog I read. But Paul's hiring gets a ton of play.


    One shudders to think of a phone that combines Palm hardware (I mean things like audio jacks, charge connectors, and creaking battery covers) and Nokia's insipid designs and made-for-machochists user interface.

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    Game over!
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