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    If you look at Palm's position in the phone biz, they are a lot like Apple in the computer biz. MS has its OS on tons of devices, but Palm's OS is only on their own, proprietary hardware. WM has become the standard, but POS is known for simplicity, usability, and thoughtfulness. This strategy has worked (and still works) for Apple, the only difference being that Apple has combined their OS with cutting edge design innovation, really good looks, and rock solid stability. That is the value-add for using Apple's proprietary software/hardware solution. When you look at the value of Palm's hardware/software solution, you are looking at: an aging OS, stale, out-dated hardware design, lack of product diversity, and a reputation for unreliability! They are just like Apple but without any of the consumer value. Obviously that is not a business model that is going to survive against MS.

    With the torrent of incredible devices coming out each year from the likes of HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, etc, etc, it is going to be near impossible for a small company like Palm to compete in the design department. If they actually manage to produce a Linux-based OS which is Garnet compatible and has some fresh ideas to offer, I would say their best and maybe only chance for survival is to begin negotiating with carriers/manufacturers to try and offer their OS as an MS alternative across as many product lines as possible. Essentially they would become a software company, just like Sega did when its hardware division failed in the marketplace. Imagine having a Palm OS which can multi-task, deliver business class push-email, and innovate on current technologies and having it on a Dash and Tytn at the same time - both in sync with each other and your desktop.

    Maybe if they dropped their hardware efforts and focused down on the software side only, they could create an OS suite with consumer and enterprise versions and try and really give RIM a run for their money. Or maybe it's all just wishful thinking and Palm is in no position to negotiate with carriers or manufacturers and MS has this thing wrapped up already...What do you think?
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    In a way I agree, however, since they now own the rights to Garnet, I think Palm has basically picked up where it left off several years ago. Now they are stuck playing catch up because PalmSource basically ended up being a joke IMHO. Nothing feasible or appealing came out of that separation. It just cost Palm millions of dollars for nothing, NOTHING at all. I cringe when I think of how much money was foolishly wasted.
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    Providing utility is Palm -- software and device combined -- be it WM5 or PalmOS or a new Palm/LinuxOS. The two aspects go hand in hand. I cannot see them separating the process.
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    I don't expect them to do anything crazy with the Garnet source. When I heard the CFO talk about it, he played down its significance and spoke about how much cheaper it is to purchase the rights to this for a lifetime rather than have to renew their license and pay royalties to Access (formerly Palmsource) every few years.

    That said, it's gotta be good for something, so we'll see I guess. I think Palm's position in the market is very good. They just really need to update their hardware, imo.
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    Hmm. All those incredible new devices, but I've yet to find one that actually WORKS better than the Treo. Yeah, the Treo's a little bit bulky, but it just plain works. One handed or two, with or (especially) without stylus, the Palm Treo is still easier to use than anything else out there.

    Besides, if Palm dropped the hardware, they'd be out of business. No one else is interested in licensing the Palm OS, just as almost no one was interested in licensing the Apple OS during that brief period when Apple offered such.

    The Palm OS is inextricable linked to the Palm hardware, for better or worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboy650 View Post
    Now they are stuck playing catch up because PalmSource basically ended up being a joke IMHO.
    This was so stupid, that it seems to have been engineered by Palm's (jealous) competitors. Finally, Palm seems to be on track with PalmOS (and no Linux, thank God!)
    Game over!
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    I think that Palm should just stop making half assed products. Finish it, polish it, make it work. Deliver 99%, not just 50.

    As for giving up hardware/software... i do not think the mobile phone industry and the PC industry (or the console industry) can be compared that. But if you really wanna do that, then the learning from the PC industry is that there are some different groups of companies that can be successfull.

    The 1 is ofc. application makers. Some sell directly to end customers, other to manefactures that includes it on devices.

    The 2. is the actual hardware producers, assemblers, chip makers, chip designers.

    The 3. are the device designers. But unlike the PC industry where you have quite few models and very few space constrains, even with laptops, the phone industry have space constrains, and 128493764 different models. So i do not think anyone uses OEM hardware design, just like they do in the PC industry, and just slab another badge on the front and paint it blue.

    The 4. are the software OS designers. In the PC industry there was alot, but now there are basically just Microsoft, and then the Open Source Linux movement, but Linux is not just one company. In the Phone Industry, there are Microsoft, Linux and Symbian. Palm OS is dead.

    The 5. group are those that do both 3 and 4. In the PC industry there are only Apple left. In the Phone industry that was Palm, and still is RIM.

    The 6. group are resellers.

    I read somewhere someone saying that if you were serious about software, you did your own hardware. And i would have to agree. Apple just is those extra few %. They finish their stuff, they polish it, they make it work, they deliver. Nobody delivers 100%, but some get alot closer than others.

    Many companies makes money, and nobody will take all the market, neither in the PC industry or the phone industry. Palm too can make money, but they cant slack off, they gotta deliver all the time, if they dont they will get new competitors (iPhone), and consumers will complain and stop buying their products.

    To wrap it up... "make BETTER products!" innovate, design, finish it, polish it, make it work.

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