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    I have a Treo 750 with Windows Mobile 5.0 and was trying to connect to my bank's web site. I received an error message saying the browser (Internet Explorer) does not meet the security requirements of the bank.

    It further stated that the browser should have CCS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript. I thought all new browsers had this stuff.

    Any ideas for connecting to secure sites? Is there a better browser?


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    There's a registry hack to make PIE (pocket IE) appear like IE6 to websites. Or you can use trianglepowers 700wx hacks or tweaks2k2 to do the same.
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    Thanks, I downloaded and installed both programs (individually) but apparently some banks only allow users to enter if they use actual IE6.

    As I understand it these hacks only change the Internet Explorer ID to IE6, that's all, they do not change Internet Explorer into IE6. In another words, even if the hack works and your bank lets you in, they could be using Java, and VBScripts that are not supported by Treo Windows Mobile 5.0 Internet Explorer. As a result I guess I won’t be able to view my bank account from the Treo.

    This is big disappointment as this is one of the primary uses for remote access.

    I'm game to try something else. Any ideas?


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    that really sucks to hear you are having this problem

    Surely some third party web browsers are capable of handling the formats
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    nobody has any ideas... ? What about Opera?
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    Hey, Opera Works!


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