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    I need to replace my Treo 50 battery. Which is better?

    Higher or lower number?
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    I think you should clarify your question...
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    The higher the better. Go for the Seidio 2400 or it a 2200,,,,, We'll anyway google Seidio ant that should get you there.
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    P.S. the number is not a quality rating,,,,, it relates to how much juice it will hold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wolf View Post
    I need to replace my Treo 50 battery. Which is better?

    Higher or lower number?

    Hi Wolf !!

    The number stands for mAh (xxxx)

    Roughly -- a 2400 mAh will last twice as long as a 1200 mAh

    So, a 1900 mAh will last (100 divided by 1800) 6% longer than an 1800 under the same usage. Base your price/value comparison on this.

    Cheers, Perry.

    (xxxx) From some site on Google:

    What do Volts and Mili-Amps/ Hours (mAh) mean?

    If the battery you are looking for is rated for example "10.8 Volts 2400mAh" you are reading the electrical specifications of the battery. Volts are measuring the Voltage of the battery. Voltage can be explained as the "pressure" of the electrons trying to make it from the negative prong to the positive.

    "2400mAh" translates in 2400 Mili Amperes per Hour. What is an Ampere? A French scientist of the past, for one thing! In our case "Amps" are measuring the volume of electrons passing trough a wire per second. Just like you would measure the gallons of water pouring down a spring in one. How many electrons in an Ampere? Quite a few: 6.2*1018 electrons per second.

    Finally, why Amperes "per hour"? That is the way energy in batteries are measured. One Amp per hour means that a battery can push trough one Ampere for an entire hour. Or half an Amp for 2 hours, or 2 Amps for half an hour. As you see the sum of Amps times Hours is the same.

    By now you understand that the more "mAh" we got the longer the laptop will run. How many Amps does a laptop burn? Typically from one to three Amps based on the model, processor speed, screen size, screen brightness adjustment, usage of the CD’s or Floppy drives, and other factors. (See Power settings in the Control Panel)
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    Wowsers,,,,, we need to paste that into a "Treo 101" tutorial!!!

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