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    O.K I Went with a wx. I did a little research but is there anything I need to know about it?
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    Checkout the threaded SMS as well as the A2DP threads at the 700wx forum below.


    There are also tons of customizations you can do which are listed there as well.
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    Thanks alot!
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    I'm happy with my 700wx. I did the threaded SMS hack. Haven't done any of the others yet but I plan to. I have the 750 for traveling and while the size is nice the extra juice from the bigger 700wx battery is key. I'm burning through battery juice on the 750 and it's a pain. Good thing the 700wx is my day-to-day workhorse. And yet I carry a spare battery for it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    There was a lot of whiny stuff on in the Palm forum about Treocentral people being big meanies always picking on new folks in town, yelling about searching first and scratching their butts and belching. I figured that I had to counteract that misperception.

    As if HoFo is a place where the sensitive soul can hang out for long. Hah.
    so treocentral members are the mean @ssholes of the treo community
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