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    I have been looking for some type of voice dialer for my 700p. I really don't want to have to press any keys to use the dialer. I just want to be able to give it commands through the speaker phone. My phone is attached to the sun visor with velcro

    Any ideas?

    I just remember the good old days with the Motorola voice commands......


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    Hi Donna!

    Ok, help the dummy, here. . . . I cannot seem to get "speaker" as an option until I have actually started a call.

    I use VoiceDial v2.0 by Voice Signal. (The full version.)

    I can press the side button to activate "VoiceDial", give it my commands. . . and then, once the call screen comes up. . . . I can then select "speaker" --- or, if I have my BT Headset active, the call goes automatically to the headset. . . .

    Is there a setting somewhere that you can have the phone always start in "speaker" mode?

    Cheers, Perry.
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