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    Going to have to move my service from VZW to Cingular due to corporate direct bill plans.

    I have used the Kyo 7135, Treo 600, 650 and 700p on VZW.

    I have been surveying the field and there are probably five devices that I could go with:

    Treo 680 <Keep my Palm Software Investment>
    Treo 750
    Cingular BlackJack
    Blackberry Pearl
    Blackberry 8800

    Now I do most everything with my Treo and have used Agendus from Iambic Software as my PIM for about 10 years. They now have a Pocket PC version and are immently releasing a Smartphone edition.

    In playing around with the MotQ and BlackJack it seems that the built in Task program on the Smartphone edition is very limited. You cannot change due date and other options from the Pocket PC <someone please tell me if I am missing something here>>

    I have had very limited playing time with the 8800 and Pearl. My fear here is that I will not find a replacement program for a PIM that meets my needs like Agendus does.

    Input from those with more experience with these devices or who have abandoned the PalmOS and moved on the PocketPC or Blackberry would be greatly appreciated.


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    if the Blackberry devices work for so many business professionals, i'm sure the included PIM will work just fine for you. one way to find out is to go out and buy one and use it during the trial period. i've never used Agendus so i can't comment there (most all out of the box apps have usually met my needs). i also like the MotoQ and Blackjack over the Treo because of their size and new applications continue to make their way into the market for these WM devices.

    you're going to get a lot of biased opinions (hec, even my own) on this topic. you're already familiar with the Treos so nothing new there (stay away from the 680 is all i can say....superb memory but weak weak battery life...form factor hardly noticeably different) best advice? try out the other newer devices and see for yourself what works and what doesn't given your needs.

    have fun
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    In playing around with the MotQ and BlackJack it seems that the built in Task program on the Smartphone edition is very limited. You cannot change due date and other options from the Pocket PC <someone please tell me if I am missing something here>>
    for Q/Blackjack, try SBSH Papyrus, has additional many additional PIM utilites dealing with tasks/calendaring. I don't use it so I can't answer any specific questions you may have about it.

    I don't know how far BBs have come, but as of the last time I used them, their PIM utilities were really barebones. Perhaps they've added polish since, or 3rd party has come in?
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    If you want to stay with the Palm OS, the 680 is a great choice. There are a number of threads, here on TC, about how happy users are with their 680s. I personally love mine and it's rock solid as far as stability.

    On the other hand, my ex-husband just traded his 700p with Verizon for a Blackberry Pearl on Cingular and couldn't be happier. I thought he would miss the qwerty keyboard and abhor the small screen. But to the contrary, he finds the sure type on the Pearl to be much easier than the keyboard, even though he has very large hands. And he's much happier with the smaller form factor.

    It's all about personal preference. If you want stability and a sleek form factor, with less frills, you might like the Pearl. But if you want a device that has a variety of capabilities and are willing to take the time to tweak it as needed, then the 680 would be great for you...

    Good luck with your decision making!
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    Having been a long time Palm user, recently Treos the 680 does have shorter battery life than the 650. If you use your Palm based PIMs the way I do the other options are just too limiting. I had trouble with battery life on the 650 as it was so I started by just carrying 2 batteries but recently went to the extended 2400 battery. No issues left now.

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    I have done limited playing on my wife's Pearl and I think it is very boring and blah. Play has been limited though. Haven't found a decent included ringer that can be heard. But this is the first bb device I have ever messed with. And I will note that my wife loves it.

    A friend tried the blackjack and liked it other than the battery. He said he should have known something when there were two batteries included in the package. With both batteries he could barely make a day.

    I have very happy with my Treo 680. I am biased though as I haven't personally spent much time with others. I agree with christinac130, it's all about personal preference.
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