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    If someone could fill me in or point me to a FAQ, I'd be greatly appreciative.

    I'd like to pick up a Treo 600 or 650 for a trip to Europe (from the US) at the end of the month, and I'd like it to be able to use the EDGE network. And I'd like to be able to tether my Mac PowerBook to it if that's at all possible. And...that's it.

    What I know so far is that it needs to be a GPRS one (unlike my Verizon CDMA/EV-DO Treo), that it needs to be unlocked, and that I need to get a SIMM card. I have the USB Modem software on my Treo 700 software and can install it on the 600. After that I'm lost.

    First, will any SIMM card work, or does it need to support EDGE? I've already ordered a $40 phone with a SIMM card that's charged up and can be refilled. The rate is relatively good, but if this won't work then I can give it to an employee to use, so the money isn't down the drain.

    Second - or maybe first, is it even possible to get short-term cellular internet service in Europe (Germany)?

    Third, does anyone have any recommendations for good, fast, cheap service providers?

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    Both the GSM 650 and 680 have edge. The 600 is older than 8 track don't buy it.
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    Thanks. I already have a Treo 700p for the US - this is just for a 1-week trip to Germany and a 2-week trip to Europe this summer.
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    And I live in the US, of course.
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    Any unlocked GSM 600 or 650 will work. You need service there. Sprint will give you a SIM card that you stick into your unlocked GSM phone and no further effort is required. Just open your wallet when you return. Data costs are $16/MB I think so set your email just to download the first 5k of an email. Retrieve full emails as needed. Only browse the mobile edition of TC.

    Cheaper service but with a local phone number--buy a SIM for the place(s) you are going. Check out or ask Mr. Google. I have a multicountry SIM from Go-Sim (Google it) that gives free incoming calls and cheaper outbound calls and it works in lots of countries. You get an Estonian phone number. Pretty cool. Better than a SIM for Italy and another one for Switxerland and another one for etc. etc.

    Get a 650. Second hand they're pretty cheap.
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    Thanks TP. After checking those websites, this is looking like too big a deal.

    What I have is a special from Orbitz (where I got the tickets) through Of course the initial price is a come-on, but at the end of the day I've spent $110 for a GSM phone that has a SIM card charged up with $70 worth of calling. The rates are .39 a minute (.79 to call a cell phone).

    I think I'll just check my email on my PowerBook using wi-fi somewhere and forget about paying $16/MB and joining Sprint, buying a Treo 650, bla bla bla.
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    Okay, thread revival time.

    So Cingular told me I can bring my own Treo 650 and get unlimited data from them for $45/month with no contract and no European roaming charges. That sounds almost too good to be true. Is it just that the sales person I spoke to didn't know?

    If that really is the case, it's worth spending $45 just for the trip. I can use my European SIMM card for calling and the Cingular one for web. And then I can always sell the Treo 650 again when I get back.
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    Be very careful, unlimited data is typically limited to domestic roaming. Cingular lists international data roaming at .0195 / KB (close to $20 per meg).
    I have an unlimited data plan and was recently charged .0195 while in Canada (where Cingular quotes a rate closer to .010). When challanged, they adjusted the charge. When roaming in Asia, I use a local SIM which has a mysterious data allowance per day built in, when the allowance is exceeded, the GPRS connection fails. Then I switch to my Cingular SIM, and I am always charged at the .0195 rate so I am careful to only download email headers. Discuss this with the international help desk at 916 843 4685, other reps are not knowledgeable about international service.
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    Thanks very much RedanUnlocked. I'll call them.

    If it's $45 + $20/MB, fuggedaboutit.
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    I just talked to a friend of mine that just got back from the UK, he takes his 650 over there regularly (cingular) all he had to do was a soft reset when he got there and then was connected to 02 UK he got all his calls SMS email, etc.
    when I asked him about usage, he said it was his standard bill $85.00
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    Well, I have a call into the sales person who helped me at Cingular. Obviously I have to know what the exact price is - just "a friend's bill seemed to be about the same" won't quite do it.

    At the moment I get about 250 spams a day. If it's $20/MB, even if I just load the first 5K that's $25 just for the bogus stock tips, generic Viagra, and ***** enlargement ads...none of which is a pressing concern at the moment, by the way.

    (Strange that word would be censored. Half the people in the world have one - I didn't say anything obscene.)
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    Did you find your "exact" price?
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    No, but the fact that the saleswoman didn't call me back makes me think the exact price is rather high.

    I'll call tomorrow. And I picked up a GSM Treo 650 that I'll probably sell again when I get back. Or not - we're probably going to Europe again this summer. Thanks to everyone for all the advice.

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