They are giving away a free Treo in a contest, learn about it here.

Several times each morning they show a good closeup of a 700p and talk a bit about it on Fox and friends. Also they run 30 second TV promos on Fox news all day long, millions of people are learning about Palm treos, on the Orielly Factor alone 4 million people see this ad daily.

Fox gets more viewers than Cnn, MSNBC and CNBC combined. I know many here probably hate Fox but who cares, I have seen more treos in 1 day on Fox News than everywhere else in the last 5 years combined! This is great for Palm and the Treo.

This is also shown on the Times Square jumbotron!!

Thanks Fox News.

PS This morning on F&F Courtney Friel really liked the Treo when she was demoing it, if she is any indication of the new generation of Treo users palm is in good shape.