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    My boss has a Treo 700p. He uses IMAP to pull emails from our Exchange Server without them disappearing from the Exchange Server.

    What he wants to do is if he opens an email on the Treo, have it still show as "unread" on the Exchange Server. Yet, he wants to synch his Calendar and Sent Items on the Treo with the Exchange Server. I achieved this (except for the Calendar) by having Inbox unchecked and Sent Items checked under "Sync Server Folders" and this worked for awhile.

    But now it seems to recheck "Inbox" under "Sync Server Folders" whenever he gets mail for some reason. I called Sprint and they couldn't figure it out. We had a local "Treo expert" come in who couldn't either and said it couldn't be done, but it worked before (I realize the Calendar part requires ActiveSync, which we've never gotten to work).

    So we're looking to see if someone else could come and look at this, but I've had a hard time Googling such a person.

    Does anyone know of such an outfit in the NY Area? We are about 40 miles north of Manhattan. Please let me know, thanks.
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    Do a member search for JackNaylorPE. Send him a private message. He might have an answer for you.
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    Not a a clue. While I also leave my messages on my server, I'm on cingular, don't use exchange server. As for Treo "consulting outfits", I use TreoCentral. My local phone dealer (Eastern LI) sells them (on order) doesn't have a clue at how to use them.

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