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    The Question is Can I wait until tomorrow? I really don't want to purchase two palm's this year. But if the lag is fixed on the 755p; I will get it. Unless the 755p is the same as the ROM update for the 700p. Then I can sit and wait I think!
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    1. I don't think Palm will sell out.

    2. If they do, it will be to Private Equity that shares their vision for the brand and the future. (They will not be sold to be just chopped up and discarded. As I believed in the 700P, so to, do I believe this.)

    3. Colbalt and spliting Palm Source off was a 2 year derailment. We are back on track, neat stuff is ahead.

    Cheers, Perry.
    If I was you, I would have posted this: "I hate to tell you this but....I told you so...", as said by "Larry Birkhead" (pun intended)
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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