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    I have a melancholy feeling that I've lost old diary entries in the years of syncing and changing devices...

    I've had a palm OS device since around 2000 (always syncing with Outlook), and had some great thoughts in journal entries in my calendar, and now, when I look back to my romps through Greece in '01, I see no entries at all. sigh.

    Over the changes of devices, I never seemed to lose 'regular' events, like the dentist appointments... but who looks back for those?

    Could it be that somehow the archiving, or exporting of PST files, or something, cut those out and down the rabbit hole of data loss?

    what can I do to make sure my writings stay with me this time?
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    Outlook normally archives older items in a file named archive.pst. It should show up in the folder list of Outlook, but you could also try a search on your computer.

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