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    does anybody know how to activate, and create a shortcut for, the voice recording feature other than through Menu/View Recording Toolbar in "Notes"? Even when I add the recording toolbar to the notes screen, it only remains there temporarily. I would like to access it through shortcut keys or through the start menu.
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    I have tried that before and couldn't do it. Hotvoice.exe doesnt work. neither does the other record exe who's name escapes me. I found 1 related thread I also found an excellent free voice recorder. I'll get you a link to it if you want it. I'll have to look for it after class.
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    thanks for the feedback. That was the only link i was able to find too. I was hoping there was some supersecret way of pushbutton voice seems weird that Palm would ommitt such an necessity. I would love to get your suggestion on that free voice recorder that you mention.
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    Sure it is all you have to do is email them the info and they mail the reg code right away.

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