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    This thread seems to bring out the opinions mostly of those satisfied with their current treo. Most of us bought the phone for a reason and have been pleased. I have been. It has been a technologically advanced phone. Maybe the issue for me is that I have been in the candybar format for the past 3 years with the 600 and 650. I am done with this format. I don't necessarily want to remove the functionality of the touchscreen but I have assumed that was part of the reason for the size and orientation of the phone. That and the battery. If you remember back a bit to the clamshell design palm phone by, I think it was Samsung (2 years ago), it was a brick split in half. I don't want that. There is no reason today with the advancement of chip size technology and radio size technology along with battery life improvements that we can not change the orientation of the phone to bring a new model with a new direction.

    I like the idea of having two parallell models going at the same time. One model represents the existing candybar format with new more advanced components of memory, power, bluetooth, camera, wifi, etc. (the Sherlock or 755) The other advances a new direction in a clamshell design or something innovative there. Incorporating a dual hinge flip would work but does not have to be the way. I would be interested in seeing what the slider version could be also. The slider would provide a bigger screen though likely oriented differently. The concept though is to keep the Qwerty keyboard (the one item I can not ever do without) while slimming the phone and keeping the battery life and innovating some of the design elements. I am ready for change. I am suprised more of you are not.
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