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    Hi - I'm a newcomer to the Pocket PC arena, my last 'smart' phone being a Nokia 6600 running S60 and a Sidekick II. I recently came across a really good deal on a 700wx through Sprint, so I snapped it up. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of how much software wasn't compatible with the 240x240 screen, or how frustrating the keyboard is to type on. (I find myself using the stylus & on-screen keyboard 99% of the time.)

    I've heard that the PPC-6700 may solve my problems, since it supposedly has a bigger keyboard and a 'standard' screen size of 320x240, but am wary of any problems I might encounter with it.

    Primarily, I bought the Treo to use for web surfing, gaming, digital media, general PDA functions, and the integrated phone. Other than the horrid keyboard and non-standard resolution, it could replace my laptop.

    I'm still within my 14-day trial period, so any input on this issue would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like the 700Wx may not be the ideal PPC Phone for you. For your primary uses: Web surfing, gaming, ditigal media ... a more traditional rectangular phone might be better. (The PPC-6700 is an option, but a better choice might be the 8525 from Cingular which is newer and more powerful. Also, the PPC-6700 is due to be updated soon, too. So, you may want to wait a bit.)

    The 700Wx can do all that you want it to, but it might not be best for your needs. For me, it's perfect, as a data-centric PPC--with the ability to also do those other things well, but maybe not quite as well as a traditional PPC.

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