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    Eventually I'd like a phone that I can just 'settle' on as opposed to feeling the need to upgrade every 2 because an incremental upgrade is availible so I've begun looking at other phones since treo's seem to be doing this slow little progression dance.

    The XDA Flame seems pretty much like the perfect phone, although it's missing a keypad.

    2 megapixel camera with flash, 520 mhz cpu, 128 megs ram, 2 gigs rom, microsd, built in gps, nvida goforce built in gfx card, wifi, usb, tv out, hdsurround sound support, bluetooth 2.0, fm tuner, front facing camcorder for videocalls over UMTS with a 3.6 in VGA display.

    Cost 1200, US.

    Were I slightly richer (I am a poor college student who refuses to touch his savings), I would consider putting some serious cash on this if it were quad band (it is only tri, which sucks) and had a keyboard (I refuse to bust out a travel keyboard to simply reply to a text message-although speech to sms would be perfect for this phone). Windows mobile 6.0 instead of 5.0 would be nice too, but I've no doubt 6.0 will reach this device as well.

    Anyway, this got me to thinking. Everyone here wants a perfect device-some of your needs are definitely met by this device as far as specs go, but how much would you be willing to pay for a treo like this? Perhaps palms future purchaser decides to keep their consumer-placating treo's but also release 'ultimate' treos as well. Do you see a demand for a device like this? The treo seems to have the form factor that a lot of these beefy phones lack.
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    but how much would you be willing to pay for a treo like this?

    No keyboard is a deal breaker for me. I never realized what a pain pulling out a stylus over and over again was until I bought myself a 600 for Christmas a few years back. No keyboard = no sale. (And no, I don't expect an on-screen keyboard to be an effective or useable substitute.)
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    Ah, but put the guts of the xda in a treo and the keyboard issue (which I share) is assuaged! I can't believe they didn't even tac on a small keyboard to the flame...

    I've used the keyboard so much recently for matters of actual import-I had to gather a bunch of info for my school while emailing and responding to emails during a pretty time sensitive period. I can't imagine a ppc without a keyboard. Ever.
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    $1000 for a Treo type device? I would never pay it.

    Put the specs you mention in my 900P and I would pay $600 in a nano second. (I paid $300 for my 650 and for my 700P.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I'd do a grand for a Treo exterior that opens up like a HTC Universal with a VGA screen and larger KB inside for more intensive apps
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    the keyboard is a huge downfall for me......i would never pay that much for a hand held
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    If they would make a Treo with an interchangeable radio, that would be an incentive to spend $1000. That way you could upgrade to the newer technology (EVDO Rev A, UMTS, etc) without getting a new phone.
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    $1,000 or more is way too steep for me. I am going to stop buying phones that are subsidized by the wireless providers (sprint, verizon, etc). I want to be a free agent all the time going month to month. Hence, I am already planning to drop $600 or more on the next treo I see that is worth it (750 is not a big enough leap for me and I am hoping for a major design change). I just can not see going much higher. I can get a great laptop for less and muddle about with a decent email capable phone like the current 650 i have and still be ahead of the game. No way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl View Post
    Eventually I'd like a phone that I can just 'settle' on as opposed to feeling the need to upgrade every 2 because an incremental upgrade is availible
    I think we're a long way off the point where I'd say 'Yeah, thst's good enough, I don't think I'll ever need another phone'.

    Faster data, masses of memory and procesing power, massively higher screen res, film-quality photos and videos, speakers that fill the room with amazing sound, high quality projector, etc, etc, etc, all in a small, light package with weeks of battery life? Yes please!

    How about some innovative ways of interacting with the device? Thought control?
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    If the keyboard were done for thumbs and not a stylus, then that TX Treo would be nearly perfect for a lot of people.

    Something that I do realize though is that Palm would need to continue to tweak the OS even more for touch functionality as its not meant so much to be touched as it is to be used by a stylus or no button at all. The user paradigms are different for those three types of uses (which is another reason why Apple trumpeted its horns so loudly with the iPhone).

    Regardless of that end though, Palm would need to bring it in at a $600 or lower price BEFORE contract, and I do not think that they can do so (yet).
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