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    1. Jeff Hawkins is working "half time" at Palm working on new projects that aren't in the public view as of yet.

    2. He'll be speaking at Walt Mossberg/WSJ's D Conference in May and will drop some hints about Palm's "secret third business", which will be announced and released before the end of 2007.

    3. With the acquisition of perpetual rights to use, modify, innovate Garnet code, Palm is "in complete control of its destiny again."

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    Item 3 is interesting in light of all the buyout talk.
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    I like this quote from hawkins in response to this question:

    PJA: Well, you’ve dropped some broad hints yourself over the past year about the infamous, legendary ‘3rd arm of the Palm business?

    JEFF: We’re going to be announcing something…but I won’t tell you what it is…we will be launching this year, not in the distant future. I’ll give you a much bigger hint: I’m going to be speaking at Walt Mossberg’s D Conference in May. It’s a high-end industry conference. Anyway, I’m going to be giving a talk there, and that would be something for the Palm fans to keep a close watch on.
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    Someone do a research on the "D conference" stat!
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    It's "All Things Digital." As I recall in years past, a one-day event where Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher moderated with various big thinkers on stage.
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    Doesn't the Sherlock debut in May?
    Of course that is supposed to be a Palm OS device...
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    As a developer, this makes me very confident:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    JEFF: OK, let’s put this in perspective. First of all, Palm, in my mind, is in the best shape it’s been in, in a long, long time. It’s amazing this company is still around. It was split up, the founders were kicked out, and they sold off the operating system. It’s nothing that I or Ed or Donna had anything to do with; but, this company has been operated in…many different ways.
    Now, look at Palm today: we have Ed, practically a founder, running the business. Donna (Dubinsky) is on the board, and I’m still involved. We have our name back. We just bought the rights back to Palm OS from ACCESS; so we now have control of the Operating System again. One of the main reasons we did a Windows-based product is because we were worried we wouldn’t have access to the Palm OS. Palm is in complete control of its destiny again.

    PJA: I think releasing WinMo devices was a smart move, in any case.

    JEFF: It probably was; but here’s the thing: we didn’t have control of our own destiny for the past 5 years. We didn’t have our name, we didn’t have our brand, and we own our OS. We were struggling to get into the smartphone space, while we were losing our traditional distribution channels. It was a difficult time. While all this was going on, Palm kept growing; and, is still growing rapidly. Although there are lots of competitors, Palm is a very healthy company. We’ve been profitable for many consecutive quarters, years really; and, we’re making lots of money; and, we finally feel like we have control of our destiny back in our hands again.
    Now, it takes a little but of time to turn that into products. It takes 2 years to design new products, and so you don’t see this control reflected immediately in the product line. In my view, this is a good time at Palm. In terms of viability, we have lots of cash, we’re profitable, and we’re in control of our own destiny. We haven’t been in this kind of shape in a long, long time.
    It is good to know that Palm is still very much behind the PalmOS and committed to new PalmOS devices.

    My guess is that Palm is phasing out the PDA because, well, face it. The PDA is the mainframe of mobile computing. I am sure that Palm has a more "mobile" and more "personal" device in mind.

    Also, I predict that the Sherlock will be a smartphone (duh!) with a CDMA and a GSM version. think 650 for CDMA and 650 for GSM. Without any pre-knowledge (just by context clues: i.e. Palm gaining rights to the PalmOS), I am going to predict that a GSM Sherlock will run UMTS. This is possible under the PalmOS (tech terms: no, the PalmOS is not 100% pre-emptive needed for UMTS, but! The PalmOS is some what pre-emptive, it does have a timer which will switch tasks automatically, and, Palm does now have rights to the OS, anything is possible).
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    The article states that the Treo 600 was also announced at D-Conf. The Treo's successor is only a few months away, probably even less with the leaks.
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    i think i'm speaking for everyone when i say happy happy joy joy.

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    I too am in the happy happy joy joy boat as well.
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    Me, too, Stimpy.
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    I'm always happy.
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    I'm happy that you all are happy.
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    I get the feeling he is going to announce the new iphone killer....900p for Perry

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