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    Ok. I promise I searched other threads before I posted this. Sometimes the search thread feature just freezes on PROCESS. But I digress.

    I am a long time palm user. I pre-date color... I was a III user, and I think that was actually my second palm. I'm on a zire 31 now. I, like the rest of the non-smarties, am tired of carrying two devices. I'm constantly driving down the freeway (ashamed) looking for a number in my palm to dial into my cell (Motorola 551 from Cingular). So I went shopping this weekend and I really liked the 680. I don't want it for the email functionality nor the web-browsing features. My phone is for voice use almost exclusively. I text maybe 4 times a month. I use my palm quite a bit though. I'm an outlook junkie -- with calendar, tasks, contacts, notes... the whole bit. (I email there too -- but i don't want my phone for that because I'm frugal.)

    I then researched the 680 here and on other sites (amazon), and I was a little concerned about its stability and the battery life. But I thought I'd forge ahead. I'm on Cingular now and I was going to get the service and phone thru them, taking advantage of the 100 rebate that would price the phone out at 200. BUT I didn't read that fine print that said i needed the data package too -- which is unjustified for my use.

    So now I'm considering getting a new 650 from ebay (unlocked). My reasoning there is that the 650 is probably more stable now. And all i have to do is move my SIM card, correct? My only hesitency is what if the thing stops working -- and i have no recourse because of where i bought it. (That is why I'm leaning toward the 650 versus the 680 -- because folks seems satisfied with it now.) Any suggestions?? Do you think I'm safe? Or do I suck it up and go to Cingular and re-up and buy the 680 for 300 bucks -- knowing that I have a net to fall into if something happens?

    Also, I run other 3rd party apps on my palm. A gaming package from landmark, sudoku because i'm really a geek, qmate 2.0 because I love Steve and will never automate that synch, and MyWeek because I like the presentation. Those are all compliant to my PalmOS (v.4.5.2). Will those work on a treo 650 / 680? Anyone had any glitches with any of these? And I'm also going to get a grafitti writing or a transcriber or whatever it is that will allow me to write on the touchscreen? Recommendations? You all seem to like Grafitti writer from what I've read.

    I appreciate forums like these. I hope you can help a simpleton like me. Forgive me for being windy.
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    A number of the 4.x compliant apps will not be compatible with either. Some will have upgrades and some may be abandonware.

    I'd get the 680 as you will have the warranty.
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    Going by ebay price (200+ vs. 300), 680 make much more sense than the 650. It has better browser; more memory; and SDHC support!

    BTW the price of the 650 has stay in this level for a long time. Amazing isn't it.

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