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    -bought a 700wx from craiglist, yesterday for $400.00.
    -was thinking it would get me out of a two year contract.
    -but the only month to month option they had was 200 min for $39.00 and 15 bucks for data plan
    -i signed up and than when i got home i upgraded to 400 mins for 39.00 and data plan.
    -opened a new york times and see i could have got the new phone for $245.00 after rebate etc. (from sprint) with a two year plan.
    -so my queston is, do i suck it up as a lesson learned.
    - or cancel (if that is allowed with 14 days) and have wife sign up for new phone and keep second as backup?

    what would you do?
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    You bought a phone for $400 with a bad rate plan. Versus a $245 phone and a 2 year contract which would cost you $200 to break if you needed to. The difference is $45 which you would save on your service alone in a few months...

    You don't really want to do this again, though, do you? A "backup" phone? I'd say keep the phone or try to sell it again.

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