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    I dont want to buy another GPS system for my bike, and would LOVE to use my treo 750 and tomtom or something instead. Be nice to carry less devices around anyway.

    Is there anyway to get this to work? are there any GPS recievers that work off of a battery opposed to a car socket?
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    there are lots of GPS receivers that uses internal batteries. Other than that if the electric system on a bike is, or can produce the needed volts and amps for a car socket (cigarette lighter socket) then you could either instill such a thing on your bike, or connect the wires from the cable to the GPS system directly to your bikes electrical system.

    But a bike being kind of open, i would suggest getting a water proof case.
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    i see.

    Any recommendations? What Map software should I use? and what battery operated GPS reciever would be a good combo for the 750?
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    Yeah, lots of people install accessory (cigarette lighter) sockets on their bikes for such purposes (and for charging the battery in winter, too).
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