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    Jeff Hawkins hacks the human brain

    The creator of the PalmPilot and the Treo isn't just making another gadget. He's attempting to fuse silicon and gray matter to produce the ultimate intelligent machine.

    So much for a treo or palm anything... lol... our beloved treos were just vehicles for him to make his money so he could pursue his true vision.

    Question: how do you "feel" now?
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    Err not really. He's trying to make a smarter computing platform. One that more closely mimics the way he thinks the human brain works. Could be very interesting.. could be a bunch of hooeey.. It will be interesting to see over the next few years.
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    Interesting article, but the Numeta software release is not the "Mystery *DEVICE*". In another thread, there was a link to thisblog:

    This, combined with Apple's "software keyboard" for the iPhone got me thinking that improved input could be a significant change in the mystery device. Numeta technology could be used to recognize your handwriting or speech, with signatures of these computed on remote Linux processors and the results of these computations (I'll call these "compiled signatures") sent back to the mobile device. Now you have customized speech (and/or handwriting) recognition on a mobile computing platform. For now, I think the applications running on the mobile device will remain the customary/traditional pnes we see today.

    Regarding the means of mobile broadband connection, I don't yet understand how they will do this independently of the cellular companies, and I don't see the cell carriers being interested without a compelling appplication that makes money for them, so my guess is the mystery device will first use WiFi to transmit back to the mother Linux processors while the mobile is in range, and the mobile device will have to fend for itself during the blackout periods. This kind of rules out "phone" and "VoiP", but the Mystery Device is supposed to be about mobile COMPUTING, not mobile communication. It will be more geared to "store and forward" modes of communication such as reading the newspaper, and caching pages that you show a pattern of reading on the Internet. It could also be video and music content.

    Longer-term use of Numeta technology might be to learn about your preferences store and forward technology for "social networking" situations where your device learns about you and eventually connects you with like-minded people. Well, enough "future thinking" from me for the time being.

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    A true leader and innovator... cool...
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    yeah exactly. the original mind behind the treo. jeff come back to us!!
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    Here's how I look at it. Jeff originally co-founded Palm because of his belief that the future of computing is mobile computing. Jeff co-founded Numenta because of his belief that computers with "real intelligence" can be built based on his Hierarchical Temporal Memory theory of the cortex.

    Mobile computing and building machines with "real intelligence" are his two passions which he has worked on his entire career. Do you think he believes that the two will not be combined in the future? I believe once Numenta technology is commercially viable and they are able to build truly intelligent machines that can learn and predict, mobile computing will benefit from this development by allowing mobile devices to be a part of and access this real intelligence. If your mobile device has "senses" that provide input into the HTM system (camera, microphone, GPS for example), then innovative new services using facial recognition, object recognition, voice recognition, and location/context awareness will be accessible on your mobile device.

    Here's just one example. Imagine taking a photo with your handheld's digital camera and having every face and object in your photo identified (your daughter, a cake, different color balloons), then having the photo automatically tagged based on the faces and objects in your photo ("Kate", "daughter", "cake", "balloons"), where you were at that time (geocoding/tagging with "home" and time stamping) and even context ("Kate's birthday" because it was your daughter's birthday that day). It would be very easy to organize all of your photos (for your entire life), then quickly and easily find them based on people, places, things, time, and context

    Will your mobile device have the computing power and memory to do this on its own, or as a "node" connected to HTM clusters using its highspeed wireless connection (as I suspect)? Time, Moore's Law, and the Network Effect will tell.

    And here's a quote directly from Jeff Hawkins's Oral History (PDF Link) that indicates that he has another big goal:

    I really dislike Windows software. I really think it’s a disservice in many ways;
    the way the industry’s turned out is unfortunate. And there’s a theme in my
    life, by the way, which I really want to correct this. I want to correct-
    underlying a lot of this, besides the brain work, another theme (maybe this is
    one of the questions we get to at the end here) is really how do you make
    personal computers that are better and useful for a larger audience.
    Emphasis is mine.

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    Hawkins is the present day Bill Gates.

    emphasis mine.
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    handspring how I miss thee...
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    You do get the feeling that an announcement is imminent - be it weeks or months away.

    Palm is in a position very similar to that which handspring was in when it was purchased back when.
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