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    I started with a Treo 600 for T-Mobile when Cingular debuted its Treo 650. I purchaed an unlocked 650 and used it with my T-Mobile. Never really used all the functionality of the phone, but loved it, except the crashing on it. I then moved over to Nextel and had a i860 flip phone, which was pretty nice. After having Nextel for about a year and a half, I missed having a PDA. I switched back to T-Mobile and acquired their T-Mobile branded MDA phone. The phone was very nice, but an awkward design because you had to flip it open for keys that were in landscape mode. The software on the phone featured the WM5, which was very reliable on that particular phone. I never had a problem with it, but it was hard to find many 3rd party applications that were available for palm. I then decided to move to Sprint, and got the Treo 700p, last June/July. At first, I had no programs installed on that 700p, and it worked flawlessly, except it would turn itself off when using Chattermail. This problem was actually caused by my IMAP server. I now use fastmail, and it works great. Just a few weeks ago, I bought the Motorola Q from Sprint at an out right price.

    My intial reaction to the Q was that it was a nice size, and it had Windows on it, which I've had good luck with in the past. The Motorola Q was actually the most horrible phone I've ever had. I had activesync with the push email running, and only talked on the phone for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes a day total. I tried this out for a few days, and the battery kept dying out by 6:00-7:00 PM, when it was taken out of the charger around 9:00 AM. I only receive like 5-10 emails a day total in which are time sensitive, and maybe 5-6 text messages a day. ActiveSync worked great, but it was a huge disappointment on the battery life on the Q. Other things I overlooked that made me go back to the Treo is the Threaded SMS messaging, and also the Chatter email client. I hated the Outlook messaging it had on the WM5. Many times with the Q, someone would call me and I would not be able to pick up the phone call, and many times I would not be able to hang up either. There are several minor features that the Treo had thad added the special touch for me to stay with the 700p. For example, the treo tells you who you are talking to if someone is on hold on the other line. The Q also had problems with loading some websites that the treo always worked fine with on blazer. I also use Sprint TV service on my phone, and with my SERO plan, there are few free channels I like to look at occassionally. The Q does not have Sprint TV with it. Another feature I overlooked with the 700p is the MMS. There is no way to send a MMS through the Q. Another tiny feature is that when you dial a number that is not in ur phone book on the treo, it tells you what state the number is from. I don't really care what state it is, but I just like that it tells me that. I also love the way that the treo locks itself when the screen is turned off. 700p also comes with documents to go, unlike the Q. I can understand that the 700p crashes onces in a while, but overall I still love the Palm software, and I don't think Windows is there yet with their WM5. One last thing....Just the overall feel of the Palm software is very friendly compared to windows, like the big letters when your placing a call...
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    The Trio rocks if you can get it to work. Crashing always has a cure; itís just a matter of tracking it down. One application that was causing it in the case of my 650 was Versa mail or having less than 16MB of available internal memory. In the case of the 700p it just seems weird if you are having occasional resets out of the box. I suspect itís probably an application thatís already in your ROM. To find out do a hard reset, uncheck use network Time and let the device sit for a while to see if it resets by itself. If it does then itís something in the ROM. I know this sounds like allot of trouble to find the answer but I was driven to do this and it did not take long before I had my first crash. Of course having another Treo helps but whatís cool is that in the end both were able to benefit from my findings.

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